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Whoa We’re Half Way There…

I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! Half way there!! 👏🏻

Good thing too! Because I hate being pregnant and I’m ready for it to be over. 😂

That being said, everything is going VERY well! We had our anatomy scan yesterday and everything is just perfect between the two of us. Well, aside from RJ being difficult and not showing us his toes and refusing to move into a better position to see his side profile more clearly. 😂

Other than that all of his major organs are accounted for and everything is working how it should be! As for me, my labs have been perfect every time and aside from slightly low blood pressure (which is very common in pregnancy due to increased blood volume) everything is progressing perfectly. Luke has been joking that apparently I’m really good at growing humans. Who would have thought?! Even if that is true at this point in time I am 100% certain that I never want to do this again.

Anyway, like I said, everything is great so far! I’m being taken care of exclusively by midwives but I did see an OB/GYN today, but for the weirdest reason. Today I asked the midwife if there was anything I needed to keep in mind, be aware of, or any potential issues because of my appendectomy scar.

I had an “old fashioned” appendectomy when I was 13, so I have a pretty decent scar that’s super puckered. So that would be the “dent” that you can see on my abdomen in the photo above”. And it puckered like that because instead of being stitched shut after the surgery, they left the incision open to drain so I had to pack it.

The midwife didn’t think it would be an issue but called the OB/GYN in just to look at it and confirm her thoughts on the matter. So I had 3 people touching/poking/prodding at my scar today if you count the fact that the ultrasound tech had to go over it with her wand to see everything. I HATE people touching it. I don’t even like touching it. 😂

But the OB/GYN said it shouldn’t be an issue, even if I have a c-section and if for whatever reason I do, she could fix it while she was in there. Hopefully that doesn’t end up being the case though! And if not they said I could have a plastic surgeon fix it, but that would require a surgery and Im just not about that life. 😂 So even knowing I have the option I don’t think I’ll be getting it “fixed” unless someone is already in there doing something else, like a c-section, but hopefully that won’t be the case and I’ll be able to deliver vaginally. And at this point there are literally no indicators that are saying that I shouldn’t be able to. 😊

But yeah, I literally saw a doctor yesterday just because I have a weird scar. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

I’ve also started reading the book Nurture: A Modern Guide To Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood — and Trusting Yourself and Your Body. I’m liking it so far, although I’ve skipped over a lot of the first part of the book. It talks a lot about journaling, meditation, learning to listen to your body, and things like that. Ironically I’ve already learned to do all of that have have read a lot about all of that in running related books. I’m especially in tune with listening to and trusting my body, a very useful skill that I’ve learned through running. I just think it’s interesting how much running has taught me and made me capable of that is going to come in handy during labor and delivery!

I also skipped a lot of the yoga/Pilates stuff the book covers because I already do those things regularly anyway. 😂

But I am just starting to get to the part of the book that I’m really interested in, the actual act and process of labor and delivery! Now THAT is what I’m really interested in learning about at this point!

So that’s where I am right now; reading, still running (kind), doing yoga and Pilates, and just being pregnant. 😂

I’m going to post a weekly recap on Sunday just to share what a week in training looks like for me. So be on the lookout for that! But that’s all for now!

Happy hump day! 🐫


18 Weeks!!

We’re getting closer and closer to the half way mark! Hell yeah!!🤘🏻

Baby RJ is the size of a sweet potato, artichoke, or a sugar glider!

How I feel:

  • Still waiting on that mythical “burst of energy”. But I am able to actually get up and get more stuff done now versus constantly being stuck to my couch, so that something! I still get very tired very easily though. On Sunday I did A LOT of cleaning around my house and had to take a 2 hour nap afterwards. 😴
  • My heart rate is a little less wonky these days. It’s still a little bit higher than it would normally be but it doesn’t spike as badly whenever I attempt ti do anything. I’m also less dizzy and short of breath which is awesome!
  • Food aversions still suck… Some days are better than others but there are definitely still days when eating is a struggle.

What I’m craving:

  • literally nothing. That’s food aversions! 🙃

How’s running:

  • It’s getting better!
  • With my HR being less all over the place my entire cardio vascular system seems much more open to running at this point!
  • The irony there though is that now that my lungs and heart rate feel better about running I’ve traded off this problems with sciatic nerve pain so that’s been fun (sarcasm). It’s definitely made running a little bit more difficult in that regard.
  • Running DOES help with my back pain though! So I’m trying to get in 3-4 super short runs a week! Obviously things got thrown off a bit while we were in Minnesota but I’m trying to get back at it this week!
This photo is super awkward because I don’t know how to pose. RJ is still sitting low in my pelvis so the whole hand on the belly pose just makes it look like I’m touching myself. 😂

So I guess this photo would be called a “bumpdate” or whatever-the-fuck the trendy term for that is. But the update is that I still don’t have one! I definitely look bloated though! And like I’ve gained quite a bit of weight during COVID times (which I absolutely have).

But I’m honestly not too upset by that. I’m definitely enjoying the fact that random strangers don’t know I’m pregnant and therefore can’t comment about it or attempt to touch me or anything like that. So I’m enjoying that while I can! 👍🏻😂

And side note for those of you who may not know; that’s an appendectomy scar. I had an “old fashioned” appendectomy when I was 13. My appendix ruptured, I almost died, it was a whole thing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I do, however, need to ask my midwife about that scar and the other potential scar tissue in my abdomen. I have a sneaking suspicion that all of that is going to be super uncomfortable once it starts stretching. Not exactly looking forward to that…

In 2 weeks we go in for our anatomy scan so we get to see RJ via sonogram again so that’s exciting! And Luke actually gets to go to this appointment! With COVID restrictions and everything he’s literally only allowed into the building during the actual sonogram part of the appointment. After that he has to leave. But I am glad that he actually gets to be there for the sonograms! I know some spouses haven’t had that privilege during COVID times and that’s a huge bummer…

I suppose that about covers everything for this little update!

I hope everyone is doing well and that the New Year is treating you well so far!


Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2021

  • A better year than 2020? Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻
  • ⁣Seeing how my running changes. I’m thinking a postpartum reset is coming and honestly I’m looking forward to that! ⁣
  • Giving birth. Because holy fuck I hate being pregnant. 🙃⁣
  • Being able to eat normally again…⁣⁣
  • An IRL race or two?? Hopefully!! 🏃🏻‍♀️⁣
  • Having a whole ass human being to care for and teach stuff. Very much looking forward to the day when I can start teach him about plants, animals, and the great outdoors! ⁣
  • More time with family. If anything that’s definitely going to happen this year! ⁣

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping we’re not in for another complete shit show! 🎆🥳🤞🏻⁣

2021 Goals

Well happy freaking New Year!

Near the end of December I watched a video in IGTV about all of the major events that happened in 2020 and holy cow there were a lot of them! A lot of them weren’t exactly good and I had even forgotten that half of them happened in 2020. What a fucking year!!

So hopefully we’re done with all of that craziness! I suspect we’ll still be dealing with COVID-19 for a while but with the vaccine coming out hopefully we’ll be able to go back to some kind of semblance of normal. Although I do thing a lot of thing will have changed permanently. Maybe for the better and maybe for the worse. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway! Is anyone else kind of reluctant to write out goals for this year? I don’t exactly do New Year’s resolutions but near the end of every year I like to start thinking about what I want to accomplish in the new year and then write down some goals to get me there. But I literally didn’t accomplish anything that I had written down for 2020. Because I mean, we ALL know what happened. 🙃🤣😭

So this year I’ve found it kinda hard to sit down an write out any kind of goals or plans for the year. Because who the heck knows what’s in store for 2021! Plus I can only assume that we’ll still be dealing with some stuff from 2020. Oh and I’m also pregnant and that changes a lot of things.😂😂

So while trying to remain flexible and realistic, some of my goals are super vague, some of them are small, but when I think about the year ahead this is kinda the general idea of what I’d like to get done!

My Goals For 2021:

  • Keep running for as long as I can but if I have to stop, remain as active as possible during pregnancy
  • Clean out our extra bedroom and make into a nursery/office for Luke (yikes! That’s going to be a big project! 😱)
  • Prep for baby in general!
  • Attempt to prep my body/mind for labor
  • IF POSSIBLE have delivery with no/as little medical intervention as possible. That’s the plan/hope anyway but if I have to I’m willing to deviate from that.
  • Adjust to our new life with a new baby!
  • Recover! Physically, emotionally, mentally.
  • Road trip! If we can we plan on taking baby RJ to Illinois to meet his grandparents, great grandparents, and his great GREAT grandparents ASAP.
  • Assuming everything goes well and I’m feeling up to it, once I’m medically cleared I want to start exercising again. And maybe that won’t be running right away. But exercise has been a big part of my life for a long time and I want to be able to get back to it as soon as possible. Mostly for my own mental health!
  • Drink a beer. And a glass of wine. Ok I know this is kinda stupid because I’m not a big drinker anyway, but I miss being able to do it. 😂
  • If it’s safe, run an IRL race! Probably in the fall. I don’t care the distance! I miss REAL racing and I desperately want to participate in one! Even if I can only do one local 5k.
  • Roll with the changes. There are going to be a lot of them and I know it won’t be easy, but despite the lack of sleep, and adjustments we are going to experience, I think we’re in for a lot of fun and special moments in 2021!

Happy New Year, everyone! We can only go up from here, right?


Running Is Hard

I keep tell myself that running while pregnant is hard. Because it is. But I realized today that that’s not exactly a fair sentiment.

Running is hard period.

Some days, weeks, months, and even years it might feel easier, but it’s still freaking hard. And that’s part of the appeal of running. It’s a challenging thing to do and that’s what makes setting goals and (hopefully) accomplishing them so amazing when it comes to running. Because it’s hard!

So yeah, running is hard all of the time. And for me in my experience thus far, running while pregnant has proved to be a lot more challenging. But when we stepped back and decided to actually look at my situation it makes a lot of sense why I’m struggling with it so much right now. Because on top of the obvious changes that my body is currently going through and the whole growing a whole ass human being thing, I’m currently experiencing other things that are making running, or being physically active at all, super challenging.

Body aches have been a slight issue as far as running goes. Basically every run I set out to do feels like I’m at about mile 8 or 9 of a hilly half marathon. My legs feel sore, tired, and heavy. Usually a nice easy run, a long walk, or even some yoga helps to alleviate that issue. But right now I’ve yet to actually find anything that helps…my legs just always feel sore. Which is particularly frustrating when you know that you haven’t done anything that would actually make them sore. But really aside from it being annoying it’s not a huge deal. And if it were the only issue I was experiencing then I could absolutely push through it.

Lack of good sleep has been another annoying issue that I could probably deal with if it was the only thing I was going through. But between the body aches (there is NO comfortable way to sleep 😭), constantly having to get up to pee, and just being unable to sleep some nights, my quality and quantity of sleep have definitely suffered. Although I have learned that I can actually function pretty well on days where I sleep for about 3 hours, wake up and do stuff for a few hours, then sleep for another 3 hours. So that’s good to know. 😂

But my biggest issue is still fucking food aversions. Eating and even drinking have been a HUGE struggle for me… I’ve had several days where all I can eat is applesauce and occasionally other kinda of fruit because everything just sounds…repulsive? I don’t know, it’s really hard to describe why I can’t eat like anything, but I can’t.

Today was a good eating day for me so far though! For breakfast I had a Panera bagel with cream cheese, for lunch I had another Panera bagel with cream cheese, and for dinner I had one of those little to go hummus and pretzel cups. Seriously, it’s kinda sad that that’s what I’m considering a good day now, but my standards are very very low at this point. 😂

I’m also having a lot of trouble drinking normal tap water? That’s like, mind blowing to me because in my normal non pregnant life I pretty much only drink coffee and tap water. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can drink anything carbonated though! So I’ve basically been living on unflavored (it has to be UNFLAVORED) sparkling water. Which is doable but a lot more expensive than just drinking tap water…I’ve also been drinking a little bit of soda here and there. I kicked a baaaad soda habit that I had back when I was in high school and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about getting hooked on it again. But at this point I’m just kinda in survival mode. Plus 3 or 4 bottles of Coke a week probably isn’t that bad. Especially considering all of the soda I used to drink when I was younger.

So all of those things combined have just made running a lot more difficult for me. Especially considering I’m the kind of person who absolutely cannot run unless I’ve had a somewhat filling meal 30-40 minutes before hand. And no wonder I’m so tired all of the time! Lack of sleep, trouble eating and not eating well, and not being as hydrated as I usually am, well, it’s kind of a no brainer!

I am still running a little bit though and I’m incredibly grateful for that! Running keeps me sane, more so than other physical activity, so I’m happy that I’m still able to do it a few times every week! And I’ve got my stationary bike to supplement my cardio regimen so there’s that!! Now if only I could motivate myself to do more strength work… That’s probably something that I really need to focus on. Especially now. 🤔

Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been complaining so much lately. But so far I’ve found pregnancy to be an incredibly uncomfortable, miserable, and frustrating experience and that’s definitely been made even more difficult since I’m not running much. I can’t exactly say I’m making it work but I’m definitely working my way through it! Slowly…only 5 more months to go. 🙃

Also I’m sorry if none of this post makes sense. I’m suffering from some major pregnancy brain on top of everything else. But that’s all for now!

Happy Sunday!


So Here We Are

16 weeks pregnant and definitely not glowing. 😂

Honestly I’m a little bit jealous of the people out there who love being pregnant. Because I definitely do not.

The first trimester knocked me on my ass and then some. Between being extremely nausea for about 4 weeks, shortness of breath, food aversions that were so bad I could basically only eat once a day because I had a very small window of time where an extremely specific type of food (that changed every day) sounded palatable. Between that and the nausea I lost about 8 pounds initially. Exhaustion that I can’t even begin to describe, which ironically made sleeping ridiculously hard, and just all sorts of random aches and pains, it just wasn’t a fun experience…

Things have gotten a little better in the second trimester but not by a lot. I’m not nauseous anymore which is great! But the food aversions are still going strong! Luckily get aren’t as bad, but at this point I can really only stomach a few different things and it still changes every day. Which makes grocery shopping extremely difficult. 😂

The exhaustion had gone away but I do get very tired very quickly. That coupled with shortness of breath had made running, and other everyday tasks a lot harder than they used to be. I’m not one to sit around doing nothing in my normal life, but pregnant life had made me feel very lazy. Some days the most moving I do is walking from the couch to the kitchen/bathroom and then back again. And that’s what’s really been the most frustrating for me. I don’t like feeling incapable of competing even simple tasks. Even though once could definitely argue that growing a whole ass human isn’t a simple task. 😂

Anyway, aside from me feeling absolutely miserable everything thing is going very well!!

Our first, and so far only sonogram at 10 weeks and 6 days looked really good! I had actually calculated PERFECTLY how far along I was based on my last period and he measured to the day what I said I though he was. The midwife was impressed with that and said that doesn’t happen often. 😅 We also got the chromosomal testing done at 11 weeks and everything looks good on that front! That’s how we found out we are having a boy at 11 weeks. Well, it was 12 weeks when we got the results but I was already certain he was a boy anyway. But it is pretty cool how they can figure all of that out with a simple blood test now a days.

As far as running goes well, I never completely quit, but I’ve kinda…started over, for lack of a better term. Since this whole pregnancy thing hasn’t been easy for me I figured at this point I’m just going to treat myself like a complete beginner on the running front. So right now I’m trying to run 3-4 days a week and I’m running based on time instead of miles. I’ve also been counting a brisk walk towards my running mileage (something I would have never done before) because at this point a brisk walk feels a lot like my warm up job used to. 😂 Hence why it’s counting towards overall running mileage at this point. 😉

At this point my goal is just to keep running for as long as possible and if I get to the point where I have to stop then I want to stay as active as possible. I’m lucky enough to have a stationary bike at home which will definitely help and walking, yoga, and body weight exercises are always a good option! I kinda just want to stay as active as possible through this pregnancy. Hopefully that will make the birthing process easier and obviously staying active is super good for the baby!

Aaaand finally, at the urging of my husband and supervisor at work, I quit my job at the nursing home in November. Mostly because we were starting to get more COVID cases in the facility again and at this point there are just too many unknowns with this virus. We don’t want to risk my health or the baby’s heath. My midwife also supported this decision! Apparently they are finding that in some cases patients with COVID have negative effects on their placentas and in some cases that requires inducing labor early. Which is just something I would like to avoid if at all possible, obviously. So I’m not exactly leaving the house much these days.

So yeah, that’s about where I am right now! I guess that might not be all that interesting to anyone who is not currently or has never been pregnant but what are you gonna do. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is what’s up with me so it’s gonna be what I talk about. 😉

Anyway, the countdown to June is on! I’ve literally never wished that summer would get here quickly but at this point I’m sooooo ready for it to be here so I can be done with pregnancy and have RJ here in the outside world with me. 😂

Until next time,


Snow In October

We don’t usually get snow this early here in Kansas, but today it’s been snowing pretty much all day! Honestly I’m surprised we even ended up getting as much snow as we did and on top of that it even stuck instead of just melting right away!

I wish I could have gone out and run in it, but I’ve taken a bit of a break from running. At some point last week I tweaked my knee pretty bad. But I kept running on it because I’m stubborn and REALLY good at ignoring pain. Yeah, that’s not a good way to go about dealing with an injury and I definitely don’t recommend it because my knee has just gotten progressively worse. So at this point I’ve stopped running and am trying to stay off of my feet as much as possible (but that’s really hard to do when your job requires you to be on your feet for extended periods of time).

So I’m starting to think that my virtual half on November 7th isn’t going to happen and honestly I’m not really all that upset about it. The more I think about it the more I realize that o really didn’t want to do another virtual half. Especially not alone. I did one earlier this year with my dad and that was a lot of fun, but tackling one alone without any of the usual race day fanfare just sounds like no fun right now.

So that’s pretty much where I am right now. Rehabbing am injury, continuing with my dad to day life, and today I’m soaking up and enjoying the October snow!

Happy Monday, everyone! 💜

A Long Run

A really fucking hard long run…

We have been under a wind advisory all day here in Kansas so obviously the wind was no joke! It seriously felt like I was running straight into a headwind during a majority of my 8 miles today. Extra resistance training anyone? 😂

Seriously though the wind was a major factor today, but I just didn’t feel great in general. My body is just so tired. I know I’m not recovering very well but it’s really hard to rest and recover when your job is relatively physical. And just stressful in general. Helping you care for people, even in the very small ways that I do, can be so so so draining. But it is also kinda rewarding and I’ve definitely developed relationships with people that I really do cherish. So there’s that side of it as well.

Anyway though, I walked A LOT during this run. And at only 3 miles in I stopped back at my house, sat on my porch, and threw myself a pity party because I felt like shit and I didn’t think I was got to make it any further. Obviously I did, but just barely. There were a few minutes there that I really was going to quit.

I made it 8 miles! More than I thought I would but less than my training plan called for. Although I do kinda feel like the extra resistance from the wind basically counts as 2 extra miles anyway. 😂 And boy do I have the windburn on my face to prove it!!

I am happy that I was actually able to do a longer run this week though, especially after last week, but honestly I’m still not sure about how I’m going to do this virtual half in November. But no matter how that ends up going I’m swearing off longer distances for a currently undetermined amount of time.

I honestly just can’t keep doing this. I really wish I was one of those people that running just naturally comes easy to but I’m not. Although I’m not ready to swearing off of it completely. Just the longer stuff. And maybe one day I’ll be in a place that I can come back to it. Hopefully anyway. I wanted to be that 80 year old lady still doing half marathons but at this point I’m not even 30 and I’m hardcore struggling to get through any run that’s longer that 3 or 4 miles.

Sorry this post turned into a pity part but this is where I am right now. Anyway, I hope you have a good Saturday! I’m getting wine drunk tonight so I know I’m in for a good night!

Until next time,


How I’m Juggling Work, Half Marathon Training, and Everything Else In Life

The short answer; not well. 😂

Up until last week I was doing really well with my training but I’m hoping to jump back into the wagon this week! But anyway, this is basically a look into what my life looks like right now.

My house is always a mess, I definitely have to sacrifice time with my husband and pets, and I don’t always get enough sleep. But we’re all fed and taken care of. The bills are getting paid, my race is getting trained for, and my household is still functioning. So things definitely aren’t falling apart by any means!

So here’s a typical day in my life on a work day. Obviously there are going to be some variables depending on certain situations, but this is the gist;

Wake up at 5:30 am. Make coffee, eat breakfast, get all of my stuff ready for work. Check my email and social media while I do all of that.

Be at work by 6 am. Get shit done. Keep up with social media on my breaks (because I’m still. “Content creator”, “blogger”, influencer”, whatever you want to call it. Leave at 2 pm. Although a lot of times I finish early and leave around 1-1:30. 😂

Come home. Eat a snack. Feed/care for all of the animals. Usually I’ll start laundry and unload, load, and start the dishwasher. During the summer I would nap for an hour or two at this point of the day. Because it would be too hot to run until later in the evening. But now that fall is here I’ve been able to skip the nap and just head out for my runs!

Get changed, attempt to warm up. Get whatever run I have planned for that day done. Get back home from running. Chug water. Clean something/do some small chore that doesn’t take too long. Shower. Write instagram and blog posts while sitting in a wet towel/drying off/getting dressed.

Make dinner for my husband and myself, make breakfast and lunch for myself for the next day, lay out my work clothes and other things, get the coffee make ready so all I have to do is push a button in the morning. 😉😂

Watch a little tv while keeping up with instagram, the blog, and emails. Doing all of that content creator shit. Sometimes I eat a snack or drink some tea, then I brush my teeth and start getting ready for bed around 8 pm. Right before I actually go to sleep though I like to do a little bit of restorative yoga while in my bed. It’s a nice way to end the day. Set my alarm for 5:30 the next morning and actually get to sleep around 9-9:30 pm.

Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming. And quite often I end up doing literally nothing on my days off because I’m too tired/burnt out to function. But I’m making it work. Kind of. 😂

I had a really tough moment yesterday. I was literally at the point where I was questioning why I even keep trying. Why I bothered signing up for and attempting to train for another half marathon. Why I don’t just pick an easier, less physically taxing hobby.

Actually if I’m being honest all week felt that way to a degree. But I thought I just needed to back off a little bit. But it all cumulated together with the physical and emotional demands of work, trying to keep up with my responsibilities in regards to our house, pets, and everything else.

I got my flu shot on Friday which did make me feel a little bit more tired, achy, and my arm was pretty sore for a few days. Then yesterday my husband sprayed bug spray in our house (in asthmatic and don’t do well with ANY kind of aerosols) so that was just the icing on the cake. On top of everything else my lungs were very unhappy.

So I didn’t think I was going to accomplish the 10 mile long run I had planned for Saturday, but I was hoping I’d at least make it 7 or 8. But nope. I barely made it 1 mile. Which lead me to my whole existential crisis.

I decided to not even attempt to run today and just took the rest day that my training plan called for. Not like it’s actually a rest day though because I did have to work. So that brings my mileage for the week to a whopping 4.5 miles…That’s kinda disheartening because last week I hit 17.5 miles for the week and up until this week I actually felt like my half training was going really well.

At this point I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do. I think I’m going to continue to attempt to stick to my training plan, I’m a little over half way through with it anyway, and then I’ll still attempt this virtual half. But after all of that is said and done I think I’m going to have to be done with longer races for a while. Which is incredibly frustrating because really half marathons aren’t even that long (obviously that’s all relative but to this seasoned half marathoner it really isn’t that long), but I think I’m just at a point in my life where my body can’t physically handle the demands of work, keeping up with every day life, and half marathon training. I really just feel broken down and exhausted all of the time…

So, maybe it’s just best to stick with 5k’s and 10k’s after this half marathon. I’m already signed up for a couple of virtual 5k’s anyway! 😊 I do miss IRL racing though, but I do talk a little bit about why I’m not doing any in person races anytime soon in this post.

Anyway, I don’t know what else to say except that life is hard and this year has sucked horribly. And it seems like everyone has had a really rough go at things this year. But we’ll keep moving forward. It’s really all we can do.

Happy Sunday everyone! Here’s to a new week and a new start!