Hello!! My name is Ashley!

I’m a farm girl from rural Illinois, who currently resides in a small town in eastern Kansas, with my husband, our four border collies, two cats, two ferrets, one rabbit, and a small flock of backyard chickens.

I like to describe myself as a reformed couch potato, professional music fan, nerd, and all around weirdo.

But if I’m being honest with you, I’m really bad at writing these “about me” things. Like, I’m a whole ass, complex person! How do you fit all of that into a few short paragraphs?? I sure don’t know. So aside from the few basic things I’ve outlined above; here is the story of how I became a runner;

My journey begins when I was 20 years old, back in the summer of 2012. Luke and I were getting married and moving to Kansas, 5 hours away from our entire family and everything we’ve ever known, all within a few weeks. So naturally I decided that with all of these life changes that I wanted to add yet another stressor into my life and lose some weight. 

My dog was in our wedding. Come at me, bro. 😂

Our wedding and move happened quickly and without any huge problems. We slowly but surely learned how to be adults, living on our own far away from our family and friends.

At this point I had begun to make some serious lifestyle changes. I downloaded a calorie counting app and pretty much became obsessed with eating “clean”. I also started doing at-home workout DVDs (oh man, remember those! 😂).

By the time 2013 rolled around I had lost about 36 pounds. But I wasn’t at my “goal weight” yet. In fact, I still wanted to lose about 14 more pounds. I was absolutely obsessed with the number on the scale and thought I couldn’t be happy until my body looked a certain way.

Me in 2013

I thought I needed to switch up my workout routine to break through my weight loss “plateau”. So I downloaded a couch to 5k app onto my phone and started completing the program, on the treadmill in the fitness center of the apartment complex we used to live in, and then on the paved trail that was almost right outside of our apartment door.

Once I started running on that trail my whole perspective changed. All of a sudden I was more focused on seeing how far I could run, PR’s, and fueling my body for running, not for losing weight.Running was more important than all of that. I did end up gaining some weight back, but I’m healthier and fitter now than I was back then. Both physically and mentally.

And that’s basically it! 7 years, 6 half marathons, and several 5k’s and 10k’s later, I’m still a proud slow runner!

I’ve been through some stuff this year though (who hasn’t?!), so I’m no where near where I was/want to be as far as running fitness goes. But I’m working on gaining back fitness and getting back into shape! Right now I’m training for my 7th half marathon and I’m feeling really good!

I’m currently putting in work and getting shot done! All while being a wife, caring for our house and small petting zoo, and working as a housekeeper at a nursing home! It’s a busy life, but it’s one I’m committed to!

I’m very excited to be blogging again and I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

Welcome to my weird little corner of the internent!