18 Weeks!!

We’re getting closer and closer to the half way mark! Hell yeah!!🤘🏻

Baby RJ is the size of a sweet potato, artichoke, or a sugar glider!

How I feel:

  • Still waiting on that mythical “burst of energy”. But I am able to actually get up and get more stuff done now versus constantly being stuck to my couch, so that something! I still get very tired very easily though. On Sunday I did A LOT of cleaning around my house and had to take a 2 hour nap afterwards. 😴
  • My heart rate is a little less wonky these days. It’s still a little bit higher than it would normally be but it doesn’t spike as badly whenever I attempt ti do anything. I’m also less dizzy and short of breath which is awesome!
  • Food aversions still suck… Some days are better than others but there are definitely still days when eating is a struggle.

What I’m craving:

  • literally nothing. That’s food aversions! 🙃

How’s running:

  • It’s getting better!
  • With my HR being less all over the place my entire cardio vascular system seems much more open to running at this point!
  • The irony there though is that now that my lungs and heart rate feel better about running I’ve traded off this problems with sciatic nerve pain so that’s been fun (sarcasm). It’s definitely made running a little bit more difficult in that regard.
  • Running DOES help with my back pain though! So I’m trying to get in 3-4 super short runs a week! Obviously things got thrown off a bit while we were in Minnesota but I’m trying to get back at it this week!
This photo is super awkward because I don’t know how to pose. RJ is still sitting low in my pelvis so the whole hand on the belly pose just makes it look like I’m touching myself. 😂

So I guess this photo would be called a “bumpdate” or whatever-the-fuck the trendy term for that is. But the update is that I still don’t have one! I definitely look bloated though! And like I’ve gained quite a bit of weight during COVID times (which I absolutely have).

But I’m honestly not too upset by that. I’m definitely enjoying the fact that random strangers don’t know I’m pregnant and therefore can’t comment about it or attempt to touch me or anything like that. So I’m enjoying that while I can! 👍🏻😂

And side note for those of you who may not know; that’s an appendectomy scar. I had an “old fashioned” appendectomy when I was 13. My appendix ruptured, I almost died, it was a whole thing. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I do, however, need to ask my midwife about that scar and the other potential scar tissue in my abdomen. I have a sneaking suspicion that all of that is going to be super uncomfortable once it starts stretching. Not exactly looking forward to that…

In 2 weeks we go in for our anatomy scan so we get to see RJ via sonogram again so that’s exciting! And Luke actually gets to go to this appointment! With COVID restrictions and everything he’s literally only allowed into the building during the actual sonogram part of the appointment. After that he has to leave. But I am glad that he actually gets to be there for the sonograms! I know some spouses haven’t had that privilege during COVID times and that’s a huge bummer…

I suppose that about covers everything for this little update!

I hope everyone is doing well and that the New Year is treating you well so far!


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