Running Is Hard

I keep tell myself that running while pregnant is hard. Because it is. But I realized today that that’s not exactly a fair sentiment.

Running is hard period.

Some days, weeks, months, and even years it might feel easier, but it’s still freaking hard. And that’s part of the appeal of running. It’s a challenging thing to do and that’s what makes setting goals and (hopefully) accomplishing them so amazing when it comes to running. Because it’s hard!

So yeah, running is hard all of the time. And for me in my experience thus far, running while pregnant has proved to be a lot more challenging. But when we stepped back and decided to actually look at my situation it makes a lot of sense why I’m struggling with it so much right now. Because on top of the obvious changes that my body is currently going through and the whole growing a whole ass human being thing, I’m currently experiencing other things that are making running, or being physically active at all, super challenging.

Body aches have been a slight issue as far as running goes. Basically every run I set out to do feels like I’m at about mile 8 or 9 of a hilly half marathon. My legs feel sore, tired, and heavy. Usually a nice easy run, a long walk, or even some yoga helps to alleviate that issue. But right now I’ve yet to actually find anything that helps…my legs just always feel sore. Which is particularly frustrating when you know that you haven’t done anything that would actually make them sore. But really aside from it being annoying it’s not a huge deal. And if it were the only issue I was experiencing then I could absolutely push through it.

Lack of good sleep has been another annoying issue that I could probably deal with if it was the only thing I was going through. But between the body aches (there is NO comfortable way to sleep 😭), constantly having to get up to pee, and just being unable to sleep some nights, my quality and quantity of sleep have definitely suffered. Although I have learned that I can actually function pretty well on days where I sleep for about 3 hours, wake up and do stuff for a few hours, then sleep for another 3 hours. So that’s good to know. 😂

But my biggest issue is still fucking food aversions. Eating and even drinking have been a HUGE struggle for me… I’ve had several days where all I can eat is applesauce and occasionally other kinda of fruit because everything just sounds…repulsive? I don’t know, it’s really hard to describe why I can’t eat like anything, but I can’t.

Today was a good eating day for me so far though! For breakfast I had a Panera bagel with cream cheese, for lunch I had another Panera bagel with cream cheese, and for dinner I had one of those little to go hummus and pretzel cups. Seriously, it’s kinda sad that that’s what I’m considering a good day now, but my standards are very very low at this point. 😂

I’m also having a lot of trouble drinking normal tap water? That’s like, mind blowing to me because in my normal non pregnant life I pretty much only drink coffee and tap water. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I can drink anything carbonated though! So I’ve basically been living on unflavored (it has to be UNFLAVORED) sparkling water. Which is doable but a lot more expensive than just drinking tap water…I’ve also been drinking a little bit of soda here and there. I kicked a baaaad soda habit that I had back when I was in high school and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about getting hooked on it again. But at this point I’m just kinda in survival mode. Plus 3 or 4 bottles of Coke a week probably isn’t that bad. Especially considering all of the soda I used to drink when I was younger.

So all of those things combined have just made running a lot more difficult for me. Especially considering I’m the kind of person who absolutely cannot run unless I’ve had a somewhat filling meal 30-40 minutes before hand. And no wonder I’m so tired all of the time! Lack of sleep, trouble eating and not eating well, and not being as hydrated as I usually am, well, it’s kind of a no brainer!

I am still running a little bit though and I’m incredibly grateful for that! Running keeps me sane, more so than other physical activity, so I’m happy that I’m still able to do it a few times every week! And I’ve got my stationary bike to supplement my cardio regimen so there’s that!! Now if only I could motivate myself to do more strength work… That’s probably something that I really need to focus on. Especially now. 🤔

Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been complaining so much lately. But so far I’ve found pregnancy to be an incredibly uncomfortable, miserable, and frustrating experience and that’s definitely been made even more difficult since I’m not running much. I can’t exactly say I’m making it work but I’m definitely working my way through it! Slowly…only 5 more months to go. 🙃

Also I’m sorry if none of this post makes sense. I’m suffering from some major pregnancy brain on top of everything else. But that’s all for now!

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Running Is Hard

  1. Tracy

    Everything you’re describing just reinforces why I’ve never wanted to be pregnant! Even years ago when I considered the possibility of kids I always figured I’d adopt; I think I’m missing that maternal gene that drives women to want to reproduce or something as the idea of something living inside me has always freaked me out… it never seemed “natural” to me for some reason, just creepy! Anyways I hope the time passes quickly for you!

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      I don’t blame you! I never want to be pregnant ever again. 😂😂

      And I definitely get that! I’ve never had a particularly strong desire to reproduce and feeling something inside your body moving but that is definitely not YOUR body is fucking weird. I’m also not a fan of newborns (I’ve heard it’s different when it’s your own though so hopefully that’s true! 😂).

      I do really like kids from about ages 4-5 and up though. So my husband and I did briefly look into adoption. But we quickly decided that there is NO way that any kind of agency would actually let us adopt a kid and in some cases it’s a lot more expensive than just having your own. Which is really sad. I think we’d have a lot fewer kids in foster care of adoption was actually more accessible…

      We probably still wouldn’t have done it though. My husband REALLY wanted a biological child, which I do think I is fair. Obviously, because here we are.😂

      So yeah, most of the things I’m looking forward to are much farther in the future, but I’m sure there’ll end up being aspects of being a parent to a baby that I like. Lol hanging out with my 6 month old niece helped in that regard. She’s a very cute, very happy baby. Here’s hoping I get one like that! 🤣

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  2. Tracy

    I agree the hoops people jump through with fostering/adopting make it likely one of the reasons more people don’t pursue that option. My husband is fairly anti kids in general (doesn’t care for them til about age 10) so we’ve never looked too seriously into it.

    It’s funny you say you’re anti newborns because I am as well! Even when my nephew was born last year I was paranoid of dropping him and quite honestly while cute I found him needy/boring. Haha That changed around 6 months when he started interacting more and he just turned a year in Nov. and I really enjoy playing with him now. My sister always says she misses newborn cuddles but I’m like no way, I like that he makes faces/plays/is more fun and a little more independent now. My husband and I are charged with his care if something were ever to happen to my sister and her husband but I said from the start my mom and dad would have to manage him until about age 4 then I’d be ok to take over full time!

    I hope your little guy turns out cute and happy as well, I’m sure it’ll make those sleepless nights more tolerable if he is!

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Seriously! Newborns are no fun. 😂 The definitely get much more interesting as they get older and can interact with you more. Everyone says to enjoy the newborn cuddles while you can but I’m just like meh, I think older babies are much more interesting and they just keep getting more fun as they get older!

      Thank you!! Lol that’s for sure! But at this point I’m almost convinced that I’ll actually be able to sleep more when he actually gets here. 😂 Granted I have an extremely supportive partner who has a month of paternity leave, but still. I’m pretty sure I’ll be at the very least sleeping a little bit better when I am no longer sharing my body with another human being. 😂

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