It’s a boy!!

Now that our family know I can put it out into the world! Baby RJ is coming June 2021!

Well, that’s my “official” due date is June 8th but I have a feeling that he’ll come earlier than that. Just like I had a feeling that he was a boy, before we even actually knew he was a boy. 😉

Everyone is very excited about the coming addition to our family! This is my mom and dad’s first grandchild, and it’s the first grandson my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law will have which is something that my father-in-law is particularly excited about! My mother-in-law has grandchildren of both sexes but it still excited for us anyway! 😄

So far pregnancy has been a miserable experience for me. I don’t like it, have declared that I’m never doing it again, and I’m very ready to not be pregnant anymore. And I’m only 15 weeks in. 🙃 Like, obviously I love this kid but damn, I ready to have him here in the world and not inside of my body anymore. But we’ll get there. Eventually…😂😂

Mg running has definitely taken the backseat to everything else that’s been going on, but I am slowly starting to get back into something that almost resembles a consistent running plan. But I’m hoping to be able to actually run more than a mile or two now that I’m in the second trimester and an starting to get some energy back. But we’ll see! At this point I’m literally taking things one day at a time and rolling with whatever my body feels capable of doing. Some days that means I’m able to run and be a productive human being and other days that means I barely leave the couch. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Anyway, I’ll get more into all of that later! Right now I just wanted to post a quick and exciting update!


8 thoughts on “Suprise!!

  1. statomattic

    Congrats, Ashley! Beware, I gather pregnancy can be a little like a marathon in that, while it’s going, you say you never want to do this again. Then you finish and before you know it you want another.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of the baby boy!

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  2. Tracy

    Congrats and props on wanting to continue running through your pregnancy! I’ve known several women who were able to manage this and it definitely seems to be even more of a challenge with added weight/less energy so good luck on the journey!

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Thank you, Tracy!!

      Right now I don’t have the added weight to contend with yet, but the lack of energy is definitely making this a bit more difficult right now! 😂 But I’m doing what I can and am grateful that I’m still able to! Thanks again!!



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