Let’s talk running shoes! 👟

Personally I believe that running shoes are a very personal and individual choice! Just because someone can run in a particular pair of running shoes doesn’t mean ANYONE can.

Take me for example, I can’t run in anything that has stability control, too much cushion, or anything with a big sole. (I know I’m going to end up getting shoe recommendations on this post so PLEASE don’t recommend me Hoka’s. The soles on those shoes are waaaaay too much for me). I like a lightweight shoe that doesn’t get in my way and that I can actually feel the ground in while wearing them. So for probably around 5ish years now I’ve done most of my running in Nike Free’s.

But I’ve been trying to move away from Nike gear. Between sweat shops, they way they treat females athletes (specifically pregnant ones), and doping scandals, among other things, they’re just a brand I don’t want to support anymore. So began my quest to find another shoe that I can run it! Alas after much trial and error, I quickly learned that there really is no shoe that is comparable to the Nike Free. Unfortunately.

But after some trial and error I’m learning to run safely in Brooks Ricochet 2. It’s definitely been an adjustment and I’m still doing a majority of my running in Free’s, but the most important thing is that my Ricochet’s haven’t given me plantar fasciitis. An issue I tend to get while running in a shoe that is just “too much shoe”.

I’m still having trouble with that 8mm drop and the fact that I still feel like I’m pretty far off of the ground. Not so much so that it’s causing me problems, but it’s definitely something I notice. Something that keeps me from doing speed work in them and it makes me very wary running in wet weather. That is kinda funny though! I can run in the slipperiest, nastiest weather in my Free’s and I feel sure footed and safe. But I tried running in my Ricochet’s in the rain and I found myself worried about slipping on wet pavement.

Anyway, what I’ve concluded so far is that I CAN run in Brook’s shoes as long as they have natural support. Carefully, but it is possible!!

I’m still not ready to give up my Nike Free’s yet though. And I probably never will until some other company makes a comparable shoe but I’m not holding my breath on that front.

What kind of shoes do you run in?

9 thoughts on “Let’s talk running shoes! 👟

  1. Tracy

    I’ve ran in Brooks Ghost shoes for years. I had two pairs of the 10’s and loved them, then really wasn’t a fan of the 11’s (my calves seemed to have a lot more tightness issues) and almost started shoe shopping but fortunately the 12’s have been great for me.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      That’s great to hear! Lol it is always kind of a bummer when a company changes something that used to work for you. I had the same problem with one of the Nike Pegasus models at some point. Lol I don’t remember which one though 😂


  2. Graham

    I’m pretty new to running, but have been wearing barefoot shoes for about 18 months in my non-running life and I love them!

    My brand of choice is VivoBarefoot and I’ve tried running in them regularly, but found it took a bit of a toll in terms of aches and pains, so now rotate them with a pair of New Balance 790s.

    Long term I’d love to run only in zero drop shoes, but I think I need to work on my technique and foot strength before I can achieve that.

    In the short term, I’d like to get a pair of minimally cushioned trainers that might provide a bridge between ‘standard’ cushioned shoes and the zero drops. I’m thinking the Nike Free’s might be the way to go…

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Yes! Honestly Nike Free’s have been the best minimalist shoes I’ve been able to find! And I’ve tried on a lot of shoes attempting to find others. 😂

      If you’ve never run in zero drop shoes then I’d definitely say ease into them! Although I’d imagine it shouldn’t take you too long to get used to them since your feet are probably already pretty strong from wearing barefoot shoes!

      When I switched to Nike frees I think I just start running in them for 20 minutes a few times a week and then slowly built up from there. Honestly I think it only took me a few months to start running in them almost exclusively. Now I feel awkward running in any shoes that aren’t zero drop. 😂😂😂

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      1. Graham

        Good to know! When the shops are open again, I think I’ll go and try some on! Generally I’ve always preferred Nike trainers and football boots anyway.

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