Virtual Whiskey Run 5k

For once I was actually happy to see a race get turned into a virtual run! Which is definitely impressive because I am over virtual racing. Even though I’ve only done 3 virtual races so far this year. 😂

So the Whiskey Run 5k is a local race that is usually held in March, right around Saint Patrick’s day. But this year the ‘rona obviously put a stop to that. So this race got pushed back. Then it got pushed back again, and again, and again. Until finally it was supposed to be held today, November 22nd.

So waaaay back at the beginning of the year my dad registered both of us to do this 5k. We had done it before in the March of 2018 and it was a lot of fun! Plus you get a fully catered breakfast and a shot of whiskey at the finish line! What’s not to like? 😉

But the problem with them moving it back to the middle of November is my dad’s work. He’s a truck driver and this is his busy season! Especially now that more and more people are doing their Christmas shopping online thanks to the pandemic, truck drivers are busier than ever this year! So we didn’t think we were going to be able to do this one, because obviously it’s hard for him to get time off this time of year and because he has to drive all the way from Colorado to Kansas.

And on my end, well, I’m very wary of going anywhere there is going to be a group of people. At this point I don’t even like going grocery shopping because the stores are so busy and NO ONE even attempts to social distance anymore. But I work at a nursing home and I don’t want to bring COVID-19 back into the facility. We already had it once for 6 weeks and it was awful…

Anyway, 3 days before race day it was announced that the Whiskey Run 5k was going virtual! Because the county I live in keeps hitting record highs of new cases in a day, which is obviously really bad and that means all gatherings of people, road races included, are getting canceled.

And like I said, for once that actually ended up being a good thing! On Friday I went to packet pickup, which they did via drive through which was both convenient and very neat! And my dad was able to get a couple of days off at the last minute so he left Colorado late Friday night and he got to my house in Kansas around 5:30 am on Saturday morning!

Our participation medals, cups, and a mini bottle of whiskey! Not pictured is the really nice race t-shirts that we got as well!

So Saturday morning my dad went to sleep in our extra bedroom/the room Luke has been using as an office since he’s been working at home for a while now, and I headed off to work! Which was another thing that ended up working out well because my dad was able to sleep while I was gone because I couldn’t get the day off since this ended up being a very spur of the moment thing.

After I got off of work my dad and I hung out for a while, just catching up and what not, and then we headed out to get our 5k done! By then it was cold and rainy. Very wet. Very windy. Not exactly ideal weather for a lot of people but I really love it! 😂

We didn’t go anywhere special or exciting. We just ran my usual 3 mile route around me neighborhood. But that was kinda cool though because my dad has never run in my neighborhood with me so I got to show him a lot of different, random things that I’ve told him about. So that was kind of cool!

But aside from that and the wind, rain, and cold it was a relatively uneventful run. But we got it done and earned our medals and our whiskey! 🥃😂

My dad, me, and his truck Matilda.

The me, Luke, and my dad just kinda hung out for the rest of the night. We basically celebrated Thanksgiving a little early but instead of having actual Thanksgiving food we ate barbecue from a local restaurant. It’s actually the restaurant that i live right behind and we always smell them smoking their meat. 😂 But that was nice.

My dad to leave this morning to drive back to Colorado, so we definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this 5k if they had actually had it in person. So everything really worked out for us in the end! And really it was just a good excuse for my dad to come and visit for a little bit. 😄

I know virtual race recaps aren’t all that exciting, but in all fairness, neither are virtual races. 😂 I’ll be one happy camper when I’m actually able to do an in person race, but right now I’m just not comfortable doing it. Maybe sometime next year though!

Anyway, holy cow it’s almost Thanksgiving!! What do your Thanksgiving plans look like this year??

As of right now we don’t have any, but we did at least get to celebrate with my dad a little bit early. 😄

Well I guess that’s it for now! Tomorrow I’ll be jumping on the “what am I grateful for this year” bandwagon so be on the lookout for that!

Happy Sunday! 💜


4 thoughts on “Virtual Whiskey Run 5k

  1. Tracy

    Running with your dad sounds like a great way to make a virtual event more fun!
    I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner just for my husband and me this year; we’re having cornish hens instead of turkey because he wanted something different!

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