My Favorite Spooky Podcasts

In the past year or so I’ve started getting really into podcasts. Like, I’ve listed to a few here and there before but now I actually follow and am very invested in them. Enough so that I’ve even bought merch from one of my all time favorite podcasts! 😂

So since spooky season is officially here I thought I’d share my favorite true crime and paranormal podcasts to help you get into a creepy, festive mood! 🎃🖤

That’s Spooky

Johnny and Tyler are probably two my my favorite human beings ever! And I don’t even know them outside of their podcasts! They are totally the queens of the spooky bitches and I love it!

They just bring such a fun twist on spooky, creepy, and just plain weird stories! And they doing it in such a respectful and inclusive way. It’s pretty darn awesome!! And they’ve also taught me a lot about queer and gay culture and history. Something I never expected to get out of a spooky podcast, but I actually appreciate it a lot! They’ve definitely taught me how to be a better ally.

Hahaha they’re the podcast I bought merch from. I needed to show off my spooky bitch-ness and their enamel pins are the perfect way to do so!

Morbid Podcast

Ash and Alaina are hilarious! But also super smart! Alaina is an autopsy technician and brings a very interesting perspective into some of the cases they cover. The episode she did on what happens after we die is probably one of my favorite podcasts episodes ever, but honestly, a Morbid Podcast episode never disappoints! If you’re into true crime definitely check this one out!

And That’s Why We Drink

This is the podcast that started it all for me!! I wanted to listen to spooky stories and after searching through some podcasts on Spotify And That’s Why We Drink caught my attention! I binged through their existing episodes within a few days and now I look forward to every Sunday just so I can listen to their newest episode!

What I love the most about this particular podcast is that it’s a mix between paranormal and true crime. Em kicks off the podcast by telling a paranormal story followed by Christine who tells a true crime story. It’s a fun combo that is very unique, just like both of the hosts! They are hilarious, kind, inclusive, and all around awesome!

Let’s Get Haunted

Honestly, sometimes this podcast feels like a hot mess, but that’s kinda part of the appeal!

Nat and Ali approach every subject they cover, from the paranormal, aliens, cryptids, and anything weird and unusual, from the standpoint that it is TRUE and it did HAPPEN. Which is just so much fun! If you want to go on a wild ride through spooky stories definitely give this one a listen!


In this podcast Aaron covers folklore. Stories from the past that have often been passed down throughout generations. Which of course, includes ghost stories!

The thing about Lore is that it isn’t exactly a deep dive into the stories and legends that Aaron talks about. It’s mostly just bite sized pieces to f several stories in each episode of Lore. But it’s enough to be incredibly intriguing and often creepy!

I took this photo in the fall of 2018. It was probably one of the prettiest falls I’ve ever experienced!

Alright! That pretty much covers my favorites although I do listen to quite a few other podcasts. 😂 what are some of your favorite podcasts? Spooky or otherwise! I’m always looking for new things to listen to and would love suggestions!!

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