Half Marathon Training Round 7

Wow! Racing sure looks different this year, am I right?!?

People are definitely taking advantage of virtual racing which is kinda cool, although I’ve never been a huge virtual race person. I would absolutely prefer to be standing in a starting corral surrounded by other runners, get cheered on by spectators, and get handed chocolate milk by wonderful race volunteers. But those are all things that are a little tricky in our new social distancing situation. So the obvious solution is virtual racing!

And I’m trying to embrace it. I’m currently registered for two virtual 5k’s, the virtual half marathon that I’m currently training for, and I’m thinking I need to find a fun Christmas themed 5k to register for as well, since the other two 5k’s are pumpkin and thanksgiving themed! 😂 And on top of that the half marathon my dad and I were registered for in May was turned into a virtual race. But that’s another story for another day. We are also registered for another local 5k that was supposed to be done in March but has been postponed twice and I’m kinda thinking that it’s going to end up being canceled.

That all being said a local running company has been putting on IRL races but I’m not sure I’ll be participating in one anytime soon. I work in a nursing home now and we had COVID-19 in our facility for 6 weeks. It was hell. And I don’t want to be the person who brings it back into the facility (and we are expecting a round two this cold and flu season).

So all of that is a very round about way of saying that I’m signed up for a virtual half marathon on November 7th! 😂

Nuun is doing an online group half marathon training thing for their ambassadors so I figured I might as well too! They capped the actual half marathon registration to 2,500 people but I was able to get in and do it officially. 😁

So this will be my second half marathon this year! Although I’ve attempted it a few times I’ve never actually run multiple half marathons in a year so I’m pretty stoked!

The training plan that Nuun has provided is a big change from what it used to though! The plan is only 8 weeks, which is really short for me! Not to mention that I was very out of shape when I started…..

But today is the first day of week four and right now I’m feeling really good! It took me about three weeks to actually feel good though. I’m pretty sure I spent the first three weeks of this plan constantly sore, tired, and out of shape feeling. I’ve definitely made progress though and I totally overcame all of the hardships that came with the first three weeks!

At this point I’m looking forward to see what the next four weeks bring and I’m excited to get this half done!! I definitely don’t think any PR’s are going to happen, not this time around considering the shape I’m in, but the goal is to finish it and to enjoy it! Two very doable goals!! 😄

Who else is training for a fall race? Are you doing virtual races or in person races?

5 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Round 7

  1. TrekkieLianne

    Hey! Great to see you back. I’ve done a ton of virtual races this year since every one of my races went virtual or got cancelled. There have been some socially distanced 5ks the last couple of months and I did 3 of those. Dang! I’m so fat and slow though! The immediate care where I work is also a COVID testing center so I totally feel your pain on that along with the dread of flu season. I actually have a virtual half in 10 days but I’m having Achilles trouble again so I’ll probably walk it. It sure will be nice when all this mess is somehow settled or over or something! I look forward to hearing about your adventures though. Thanks for coming back to posting.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Thank you!! That’s awesome!! It sounds like you’ve been pretty busy then! 👍🏻😄

      Ugh do you have to get tested pretty often too then? We’re currently being tested every week and it’s no fun.

      Walk or run 13.1 miles is still 13.1 miles! Good luck and have fun!

      And right? There have been socially distanced races going on around here as well but I’m still very wary about risking it. I work at a nursing home and I don’t want to bring it in again….and if I do test positive I can’t work for at least two weeks so that’s no good! Hopefully all of this will resolve soon!

      Thanks again! I look forward to sharing them!! 💜


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